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Flower hoop ivory and rust colors. Alternative bridesmaid bouquet. 5262

68.00 USD
68.00 USD
Introducing our new hoop – a unique and enchanting alternative to traditional bridesmaid bouquets. This captivating arrangement transcends the ordinary, featuring a delicate hoop adorned with a rich palette of rust and ivory-colored flowers, paired with whimsical details inspired by the wonders of the forest.

Infused with woodland magic, the bouquet incorporates delicate mushrooms that add an ethereal touch, while ferns gracefully intertwine with the blooms, creating a lush and natural look. Slim pine branches contribute to the bohemian allure, bringing a hint of rustic sophistication to the arrangement. Completing the ensemble, scattered pine cones add a tactile and organic texture, making this hoop bouquet a truly one-of-a-kind accessory.

Embrace the beauty of the floral hoop – a symbol of free-spirited romance and a testament to the extraordinary charm found in the simplicity of nature. Make your wedding day truly memorable with this distinctive and breathtaking alternative to traditional bridesmaid bouquets.

Floral hoops can be used for photo backdrops, bridal shower decor, and home decor.

The flower hoop is made on a metal base using high-quality artificial flowers.
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