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Flower arch arrangement in ivory and rust colors. Arbor flowers. Floral archway. Faux flowers for wedding arch. Forest wedding. 5262

140.00 USD
140.00 USD
Introducing our floral arch arrangement, a captivating blend of rustic charm and timeless elegance. This exquisite arrangement showcases a harmonious fusion of rust and ivory-hued flowers, creating a visually stunning and romantic atmosphere.
Our Floral Arch features meticulously selected blooms in warm rust tones, complemented by soft ivory petals that add a touch of sophistication. The arrangement is artfully adorned with mushrooms, lending an ethereal and enchanting quality to the display.

Enhancing the natural allure, ferns gracefully weave through the arrangement, adding a touch of greenery that brings a sense of freshness to the composition. The inclusion of pine branches introduces an element of woodland mystique, creating a perfect balance between the rustic and the refined.

Our flower arch effortlessly captures the essence of nature's beauty, inviting a sense of tranquility and romance.

Ideal for weddings, special events, or as a statement piece in your home, our floral arch arrangement is a celebration of the delicate dance between rustic simplicity and timeless allure. Embrace the beauty of nature with this stunning arrangement that transforms any space into a haven of elegance and natural splendor.

The arch arrangements are created from artificial flowers and greenery of high quality.

Straight arrangements include:
- plastic ties for attaching flowers to a metal arch
- long ties of twine for attaching flowers to a wooden arch

Corner arrangements include:
- long twine ties

You don't need to buy additional fasteners, you can easily attach our flowers to any arch.

All dimensions are total length or width.

The listing contains:

Straight arrangement - 30" ( 75 cm)
Corner arrangement - 30"* 30" ( 75 cm* 75 cm)

Note :
any straight arrangement over 30 inches in length consists of several pieces that can be easily assembled together with ties attached to the back of the arrangement. After assembly, the arrangement will look like a single whole.
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