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Mini bouquets for vases. Flowers for wedding decor. Dusty blue white bouquts. 0508

28.00 USD
28.00 USD
Introducing our enchanting collection of Mini Bouquets crafted specifically for wedding tables. Elevate the beauty of your special day with these petite arrangements, meticulously designed to grace each table with a touch of floral elegance. Our Mini Bouquets are the perfect way to add a dash of nature's charm to your wedding decor, creating an atmosphere of romance and sophistication.

Each mini bouquet is a carefully curated blend of blooms, thoughtfully selected to harmonize with wedding aesthetics and color schemes. 

Designed for ease of placement in vases, our mini bouquets are crafted to perfection, ensuring they seamlessly complement your wedding theme. Placed atop tables, these petite floral arrangements become exquisite focal points, adding a romantic ambiance to your celebration.

Whether you're planning a rustic outdoor affair, an elegant ballroom gathering, or a bohemian beachside celebration, our mini bouquets are versatile enough to enhance any wedding setting. Delicate yet impactful, these arrangements are tailored to create a cohesive and charming visual experience for you and your guests.

The bouquets are created from artificial flowers and greenery of high quality.

All dimensions are total length or width.

The width - 5"( 13 cm)
The height - 11" ( 28cm)

ATTENTION Bouquets are sold without vases
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